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Monetize Your App

The Zazzle Create-a-Product API + Promoter Program 2.0 is the perfect solution to help you unlock and monetize both content and users of your website or app! Content like images, text, designs, photographs, avatars, etc. can be quickly and conveniently added to one or more of our hundreds of made-to-order products through this simple, URL linkover-based API. Control whether you want to generate a single product with one link or to generate many various products at one time with a single link.

RealView™ Images

Sometimes you may want to do more than just provide a link to a product on Zazzle. Using the API, you can include a dynamic image that shows your users exactly what the final product will look like! Zazzle’s patented RealView™ technology allows you to create an image URL of your template, populated with the information from your site.

Zazzle’s patented RealView™ technology allows you to create an image URL of your template, populated with the information from your site.

4 simple steps to quickly monetize your app

01 - Create Templates

The Create-a-Product API utilizes templates to seamlessly populate images and/or text provided by your site and create finished products for customers to purchase.

02 - Integrate the API

Much of your interaction with the API will be as simple as customizing a URL link like you would in HTML, so while previous technical experience is helpful, it is not necessary.

03 - Deploy

Choose a user experience that works for your app and helps the user know what they are getting (hint, hint - use the dynamic RealView product images whenever possible).

04 - Share & Get Paid

Don't be shy! Tell your users about the cool new feature that allows them to make amazing, personal physical products for themselves or as gifts for others. Then, reap the rewards.

Example Integrations

Bitmoji - personal emoji creator

RealView product images provide the user with a perfect example of a perfect gift. Find the details of their integration here.

Tailor Brands - logo generator

After creating a logo, the user can choose from hundreds of products for their business identity. Try it for yourself here.

WordArt - word cloud art creator

With such variety of ways to use word cloud art, this partner took the one link to many products approach. Try it for yourself here.

Cartoonize My Pet - pet avatar maker

Thousands of combinations of pet features with unique backgrounds make for a perfect gift. Try it for yourself here.

Documentation & Support


For the Zazzle Create-A-Product API, we have an easy-to-read document about the URL-based linkover with lots of details to get started in minutes.

Localization and Global Shipping

Zazzle has localized support for 16 international domains, and, we also ship to all of these countries.

Ready to join?

You need to have a Zazzle account first, and then sign up for the Promoter Program 2.0 to increase your earnings. If you already have a Zazzle account, just skip ahead to Step 2.

Step 1 - Join Zazzle

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Step 2 - Join Promoter

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Product Price List

For a complete list of products and their prices take a look at Zazzle's Complete Product Listing.

Royalties and Earnings

To learn more about product prices, royalty rates, and how your earnings will be calculated, please see the Earnings page.

Legal Disclaimer

All earnings are subject to the transaction fee carve out and referral carve out noted in the Designer License Agreement.