Designer + Promoter

01 - Create Products

Upload your artwork and designs on hundreds of Zazzle's products and post them for sale in your FREE Zazzle store. You will earn a royalty on every product sale in your Zazzle store.

02 - Share Your Products

Don't be shy! Tell your fans and followers all about your products. Share your product links on social media, your blog, via email or any way you can think of to drive traffic to your store.

03 - Get Paid

Earning 40% is simple. When sharing your links results in a sale, you will earn 35% from the referral and 5% as a royalty. And, the royalty is always going to be at least 5% - you can set it higher too!

Ready to join?

You need to have a Zazzle account first, and then sign up for the Promoter Program 2.0 to increase your earnings. If you already have a Zazzle account, just skip ahead to Step 2.

Step 1 - Join Zazzle

Already have an account? Skip to step 2.

Step 2 - Join Promoter

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Product Price List

For a complete list of products and their prices take a look at Zazzle's Complete Product Listing.

Royalties and Earnings

To learn more about product prices, royalty rates, and how your earnings will be calculated, please see the Earnings page.

Legal Disclaimer

All earnings are subject to the transaction fee carve out and referral carve out noted in the Designer License Agreement.